Are you worried about a child?


Play therapy is a therapeutic intervention especially for children  who are experiencing psychological and/or emotional difficulties, and it understands play as a child's natural form of expression.


My name is Carly Tennant; I am a BAPT and PSA accredited, Child Centred Play Therapist, based in London.  

I provide weekly, one-one play therapy sessions where a child can express and communicate their thoughts, feelings, and anxieties through the safe distance of symbolism. I facilitate a relationship based upon empathy, permissiveness and unconditional positive regard for the child, which with the application of clear boundaries, provides a nurturing space for them discover or re-connect with their authentic nature.

Could Play Therapy help?

I honour the integral role of the child’s family and significant others by holding a regular space we can review progress both in therapy and outside, and devise useful strategies to support the child and their family.


Child centred play therapy respects the individual needs and personality of each child, allowing them to pave their own unique journey towards psychological well being and growth in the confines of a safe, therapeutic space.


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