My services and fees


All fees include the provision of specialist play equipment, and regular clinical supervision for the Play Therapist by approved BAPT Play Therapist supervisor.


Fees for Private Play Therapy interventions.

Phone consultation:                                                                 Free

Consultation/registration (p/h)                                                £45

Single play therapy session 45-50 minute:                              £50

Review meetings: Every 4-6 weeks, 1 hour:                           £45

Hourly travel rate: (from zones 1-2/1-4/1-6)                   £10/£12/£15

Final Summary/Report: (Provided upon request.)                £45p/h (3 hrs max)




Packages for schools, children’s centres, and the NHS:

Packages are dependent on the number of children seen in one day. All daily packages include: 

  • A 45-50 minute, weekly play therapy session per child.
  • Regular review meetings held between staff.
  • Regular review meetings held with parents.

A Final Summary is available upon request and charged at £35 per hour. (4 hour max).

Package Breakdown:

1 Child per day:                                                                          £70

2 Children per day:                                                                    £135

3 Children per day:                                                                    £190

4 children per day:                                                                    £245